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Polyethylene towing rail

Polyethylene towing rail
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 A device, such as a groove or ridge, made of metal or other material, capable of bearing, fixing, guiding, moving a device or equipment and reducing its friction. A longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of a guide, used for guiding and fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc.. The guide rail, also known as linear guide, linear slide rail, for linear reciprocating movement, linear bearings have higher than the rated load, and can bear a certain torque, can achieve high precision linear motion under high load. The main rail is divided into two major categories: roller guides and ball bearings.

The application of the guide rail in our daily life is also very common, for example, the sliding door of the sliding door, the upper chute of the curtain and the rail of the train, etc., are the concrete application of the guide rail. The guide rail can also be used on any machine or device that requires sliding sliding, if any, for an elevator rail.
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