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Paving board

Paving board
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 My company production of engineering plastics composite paving slabs of a thermoplastic engineering plastics, has good abrasion resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, cushioning, high wear-resistant, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, easy processing, shock absorption, noise, economy, deformation, impact resistance, self lubrication, so it is suitable for do the desert, swamp and other places where the condition is not good to do the paving plate, to protect the safety of the vehicle on the ground, can be recycled, saving cost, can add a variety of slip lines according to the requirements of customers

Temporary road paving slab compression skid pad antiskid paving polymer polyethylene plate with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene board surface plate, can be used for earthquake emergency rapid construction of temporary road or for rapid repair was widespread damage to roads, airports, for disaster relief, military emergency. That vehicle test field, the composite material the pavement plate can be applied to all kinds of bad soil silt and other conditions; at the same time a refined finite element model in complex vehicle environment matting, finite element solution and the theoretical and measured values have a good comparability. The construction of pavement plate is used to repair a lightweight composite plate rapid construction temporary road of earthquake, snow disaster and other emergency situations. The strength of the composite pavement plate can be prepared according to certain modules, in the event of an emergency, you can The fast assembly under the harsh conditions of the site of mud, swamp, soft clay, formed for opening of the sidewalk, the rapid delivery of supplies and personnel transfer, polyethylene composite material with high specific strength, stiffness, good fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance etc..
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