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Disc lining board

Disc lining board
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 The disc pad is an integral part of the disc. The balling disc, lining board and balling board have better abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and self lubrication performance. The disc lining board is more wearable and high temperature resistant than the polyethylene board. Compared with the common nylon board, the self-lubricating property is superior. The disc forming lining plate is a new type of wear resistant material developed in twenty-first Century.

The pelletizing disc bottom lining installation cast stone material, will be formed in the surface layer of the bottom ball disc bottom material in the short term, can accelerate the process of the ball, but after a period of use of pelletizing disc lining board, because the bottom material in the ball rolling action will become more and more closely, the temperature of bottom material rising, loose material easy adhesion on the surface of the base material base material with thickened, gradually thickened, balling disc load increased, at the same time because of the cast slab itself a larger proportion of two kinds of load in the transmission parts together to cause a lot of resistance for the ball disc balling disc lining board, resulting in bearing, gear parts easily ring quality balling disc lining board, power consumption increases balling disc lining board manufacturer, to the production and maintenance of big trouble, increase the labor intensity of maintenance workers and increase maintenance costs, reduce production Efficiency.
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